It’s amazing how a single word brings forth a huge plethora of entirely unrelated thoughts and imaginations and memories…

lying down on my bed the word (by some vague jabbering outside the room) “salt” struck my mind. Immediately my mind wandered into the deep lanes of memory and lodged itself sweetly in a place where my eyes burn with salty waters of the wave splashing on my face. I’ve been immediately transported to the sandy sunny beach sitting at the shore to see half my body being immersed in the greyish blue waves arising out of the deep blue sea at regular intervals. How disciplined these waves are I wonder… how they never miss a beat creating a symphony with the waters penetrating the sand while the waves hit the shore, falling relentlessly like we fall in love and create a similar mellifluous tune in our lives..

I can see thousands of people enjoying in their own way. Children playing with the ball on the water, Some sunbathing in silence, others going deep and far into the water as if to touch the horizon and few like me,  contemplating at the shore just letting their corporeal frames sink in the water as we let life take us along with its flow. As my eyes scan the bright shore I see a little child trying to carve out the alphabets of her name on the sand, only to be washed away by the sea. That’s what fate is I thought to myself. As we try to carve out our own destiny the circumstances, like the waves, destroy the plan as diligently as if there existed nothing but the eternal sand. And we keep trying in vain planning our future…forgetting to enjoy the myriad shades of every moment  and the diverse emotions to be witnessed like the ones  at the sea shore where thousands are enjoying the simple leisurely delights .

The sunbeam reflected from the salty waters hit my eyes as I come back to the moment only to realize the reflected ray is not from the water but from the white glass of my window pane inviting incessant rays filling my bed with numerous beams striking like the sparks from a matchstick.

If only we could spend our lives drowning in such memories and imaginations and take pleasure in the beauty of everything around us…

But no! Because.. to enjoy the beauty we must travel and see the world, venture our into the open, lie down under the immense sky with the lamp like stars, walk barefoot on the grass crowned with dewdrops watch the sun rise and hear the birds sing… and intertwine each word with these exhilarating thoughts,  giving birth to precious memories. These memories when summoned set our heart fleeting and attune our corporeal frames with the melody of beauty…as Keats’ famous line says, “a thing of beauty is joy forever”.


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I Miss You.


I Miss You at odd moments,

Myriad lanes,

Diverse words

 And million feelings.

I Miss You when I lie,

 I Miss You when I have everything and everyone,

I Miss You when I’m strong,

I Miss You when I swear…

I Miss You in the Scent of my pillow,

I Miss You in the Crease of my bed sheet,

In the Folds of my shirt..

I Miss You in my Blank glances,

In the Empty thoughts..

At Moonless nights

And Starlit summers..

I Miss You in the tranquil Mornings

And solitary Dusks

In the light of the Silvered clouds..

I Miss You in the Curve of every digit

And in the pale of every Red…

 I Miss You..

I Miss You in the Darkness of the days,

In the fading shades of deep Nights,

I Miss You in the Meaning amongst frivolity

In the Emptiness of room full of faces, 

I Miss You in the quietude of Commotion,

And the Buzz of Silence…

I Miss You..